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More GI Joe 25th

A pic of all the previews.

I'll step over my grandmother to get my hands on ten Cobra Troopers. I always wanted an army of those guys back in the day, but by the time I was playing with GI Joe, those were off the market in favor of the Vipers.
This new version is so much better than the Frankenjoe version in DTC wave 3.

All in all, I'm going to be very happy with this line. I fear it will be just like Transformers Classics, however- a few waves of utterly brilliant toymaking, only to go back to the run-of-the-mill uninteresting stuff a few months later.

Masterpiece Megatron MP-05

in full color, natch.


I had this on preorder at BBTS, but since they're going to be modding in order to make it legal to sell here in the US, I changed my mind. The thing is going to be packaged in robot mode, and I think the customs officials have bigger things to worry about than a $100 Transformer.

So it's Ebay for me, quite likely. I bought a reissue Megatron on there in 2002 without anyone batting an eyelash. As long as I buy this Megatron from a US seller (who already has it stateside) there's not much to worry about.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary

Of course, Hasbro wouldn't let such an event pass by without something, would they? Hell no. Here are two preview images of two figures from this line:

Sign me up for a complete set. Though this complete set involves 25 figures. I'm not very keen on Duke, but that is mostly due to me not being a big fan of Duke. But Storm Shadow looks great. Hasbro is supposed to post a new preview every day for about a week, and there's the first two.

I'm glad to see a new life for the holy 3.75" line. It makes up for the sting of not yet owning DTC wave 4, which had the new Night Viper in it. I doubt I'll see it now.
I'm also glad that this line isn't backed by a stupid ass gimmick like Spy Troops.
Of course, some fans are questioning whether or not these have the o-ring articulation in them. I ask- does it matter? Toy technology has progressed enough that these figures could have the same (or better) articulation without it, and besides, those eventually wear out. I&…

Some more Transformers movie toys, and other random related stuff

Movie Ratchet and some weird-ass roleplay toy.

Optimash Prime.

It's great that there's quite an array of stuff coming out, but I'm really getting that Episode I vibe from all this stuff, in that Hasbro and other licensees stamped the SW name on everything you could think of, only to see it clearanced shortly thereafter because of the lack of interest in it.

TF mp3 players.

As soon as I find another site to preorder Soundwave from, I will be all over that. A functioning G1 Soundwave=greatness.

Prime and Megatron.

Seeing this merchandise is helping me get used to the movie designs. Seeing them pulled off in a three dimensional physical form gives me hope that this movie will knock my socks off. (It can't be any worse than Eragon.)

Sideshow 1:6 Darth Maul

is so awesome it'll melt your face and kick your ass so hard you'll taste your spleen.

I bought one of these this weekend. I had it on preorder with Sideshow. It was supposed to arrive in the 1st Quarter of 2007, but it came early, a mere two weeks before Christmas. Since I was tapped out, I had to cancel my preorder for my Inclusive Edition which has the battle-damaged lightsaber.

However, this weekend I found one at my LCS, and paid the $65 to bring it home. I reasoned I could do without the BD lightsaber- I've missed every other exclusive when it comes to these figures, why should Maul be any different? Besides, he's got plenty of other accessories and I have an older Hasbro version that has a lightsaber that splits in two, so that's pretty well covered.

And now, you're wondering why I bought this one since I have a Hasbro version. Well, this one is eons beyond Hasbro's work, even on their best days. The lightsaber alone is a piece of work, and you get th…