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New Star Wars Droid Factory 2-packs out; camel's back officially broken

This is what you can build if you buy all five sets. I would have done so, because I really like Darktrooper action figures, but Wal-Mart (the chain these packs are exclusive to) decided to charge $17 a set for them, so it seems like I won't be doing that after all. I haven't been buying much from the Star Wars line in the last year or two, and things like this are why. It's just a bank-breaking chore to keep up, which begs the question- do I need to keep up? Hasbro really did everything I could have possibly wanted, and that was two years ago, so it's kind of been a strange relationship with this line since then.

And now for something completely different: my vintage Star Wars collection.

i had a mustache, but teela said it tickled.

I received my MOTUC Man-At-Arms this week. As impressed as I was by Hordak, MAA is even better. Of course, Duncan was always one of the better figures in any incarnation, due to the armor and the colors used on the toys. Like Mer-Man, the contrast is quite striking, and makes you pay more attention to the figure than you would otherwise, so you notice more things about the figure in turn. Like his finely detailed and well-painted armor, or the intricate detailing on the helmet on both heads.

Yes, you get two heads with this figure, one clean-shaven to represent the original figure's appearance, and one with a 'stache, to represent either his Filmation or MYP/200x appearance. Duncan also features more accessories than any other figure thus far, befitting his status as Eternia's master of weapons- his classic mace, a small laser pistol, and two swords. One is a regular-issue Eternian sword, and the other is a new version of the sword He-Man carried in the 200x line, now retco…

new MOTUC figures!

unmitigated awesomeness

Man, I'm over the moon with these new figures. This line is really taking off now. I'm a little worried that they're really running through their big names so soon, but you never know when the heat on this line may die off, and since this Matty thing is an unproven business model, this line could end in three releases from now. So I'm glad that Scare Glow is in November. Trap Jaw looks great too, but I'm pretty sure the 200x figure is still my favorite rendition. The rest, are neat, but I think Zodak or Adora will be the first figures I pass on.

sell me moar

My Joe collection continues to grow. It's more movie stuff than anything, but I did get a few Generation 3 items- the Resolute 5-pack, Cobra Diver, the Joe 5-pack (on clearance!), and the SHARC w/ Deep Six.

The movie stuff I've acquired since the last post- Shipwreck, Boob Armor Scarlett, Destro, Desert Ambush Duke, Elite Viper, Ice Viper, TRU exclusive Firefly (beyond awesome), and the Pit Commando, who is also awesome.

I had written this movie line off as bunk, but Hasbro really could reconquer the market with this line of GI Joes. Quite a few collectors like this line, but the real question is will kids dig it. It doesn't seem like kids ever got into the 25th/G3 line, and how could they with guys like me buying everything? But I just think back to the JvC days when Hasbro last tried to market to kids, and not doing so well. Maybe parents just don't want to buy war toys for their kids anymore. Especially at $8 a figure.

GI Joe movie toys: awesome.

I only own four figures so far from the line- Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Baroness, and the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, but I have to admit- I'm very impressed by them. Whether or not you like what you've seen from the trailers about this movie, if you like great GI Joe toys, I'd suggest picking up a few of these. They're great, and they're in scale with the 25th Anniversary line you may or may not have been buying for the last couple of years. I humbly suggest either Snake Eyes figures, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Paris Pursuit version (pictured above). The trenchcoat is a new thing for Snake Eyes, and even if you don't like the movie line, it'll fit in well with your 25th collection.

Your best bet right now is Target, since Wal-Mart and TRU seem to be waiting for the weekend even though Hasbro gave the OK to start selling them on the 6th.